Personal Typies®

Share your rich and unique expression of type with a Personal Typie®

Create your own Personal Typie

The MBTI Step II assessment takes personal development to the next level. Personal Typies® are a way to share your rich and unique expression of your MBTI type in an easy-to-read and fun format. If you already have your MBTI Step II results you can create your Personal Typie right away.

What is a Personal Typie?

Your Personal Typie builds on your Typies pictogram to reveal the additional insights of your MBTI Step II profile.

Personal Typies

If you know your MBTI best fit type and have an MBTI Step II report, you can create your own Personal Typie in just three simple steps.

  • enter your name
  • select your MBTI best-fit type
  • enter your MBTI Step II scores from the profile page of your Step II report

You can customize your Personal Typie by choosing the font and orientation of the Step II facet wordcloud  making it as individual as you are! You can also create your Personal Typie in several different languages. When you're done, you're free to download, print and share the image in any way you choose to let others know more about you. You could also print your Personal Typie onto any number of everyday objects through custom printing providers.

Create your own Personal Typie

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