Explore and Share your MBTI® type



16 fun, color-coded visuals that represent each four-letter MBTI profile with an illustration, a two-word descriptor, and some of the typical characteristics of each type.

Personal Typies

Personal Typies®

Images that reveal the rich, unique expression of MBTI type in an easy-to-read fun format. Features a word cloud of MBTI Step II results along with a Typie character.

Team Typies

Team Typies®

Powerful practitioner resources that combine team members’ MBTI Step II results into colorful profiles of team strengths, potential team blind spots, and more.

Team Typies

Fun MBTI® type tables

Fun type tables provide a light hearted way of sharing elements of the 16 MBTI Types. Amusing reminders of differences between the types.

Type Heads

Type Heads

Fun word clouds that describe some of the typical characteristics of each four-letter MBTI type when at their best.

Stress Heads

Stress Heads

Fun word clouds that indicate some of the triggers likely to put each four-letter MBTI type into a state of stress.

Virtual backgrounds

Virtual Backgrounds

Redesign your virtual space with a meeting background featuring your MBTI type and start sharing today.